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Mercaato Egyptian company for agricultural export of all agricultural products, fresh and frozen products from the production of our own farms. To export high quality products to global markets. According to specifications and international standards are follow-up crops and packing

To ensure leadership in quality and food safety, we monitor the market demands and trends constantly,
We give great attention to the development of and investment in infrastructure and technological systems and agricultural capacity and we are keen to meet the needs of our customers by delivering results that exceed their expectations consistently in terms of quality and value
And show us the pride and enthusiasm in everything we do, and we are committed to providing any service is impeccable and the products of superior quality. In a sustainable environment with precise attention to food safety.
And we strive to strengthen and build long-term relationships with our global partners, as we continue to penetrate the market through a commitment to quality and values.
We work according to the highest standards of honesty and integrity with all our stakeholders: employees, customers and suppliers.
Mercaato is committed to communicate openly, honestly and accurately with customers

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